Mission Statement


  • As a collective research centre, Centexbel desires to reinforce the market position of the Belgian textile companies by promoting and supporting innovation. Therefore, Centexbel wants to be the most important centre of expertise on textiles in Belgium as well as being a leading centre on a European scale, with five activities that reinforce each other.
  • Our activities include applied research & development, dissemination of knowledge, standardisation, testing and certification. Research & development, dissemination of knowledge and standardisation are offered to companies creating an added value in Europe; testing and certification are offered to all companies developing, producing, processing or applying textile products, as well as to their suppliers and customers. This takes place in complete independence and confidentiality.
  • To guarantee the realisation of its mission, Centexbel closely involves the textile industry, the authorities and its staff in its operation.


The mission is deployed throughout the whole organisation and measured by using Balanced Score Card techniques.

  • From a financial perspective we aim at realising a sufficient operational cash flow to remain financially sound, to be able to invest sufficiently and to fulfil our mission
  • Realising a sound growth on the basis of both private incomes and grants
  • Developing sustainable national and international collaboration and networking
  • Developing innovation strategies based on future needs and opportunities for the Belgian Textile industry
  • Continuous amelioration of our processes and evaluation of cost and quality of services
  • Guarantying the availability and continuity of competences
  • Continuously increasing the satisfaction of employees through training and increasing their involvement


The common values of an organisation constitute the criteria that all collaborators considered to be important for the interested parties of the organisation (stakeholders: Fedustria, members, clients, personnel, financing organisations, partners, society...). Six concepts between many important values have been selected as most important common values for Centexbel:

  • customer-oriented
  • an agreement is an agreement
  • cost-consciousness
  • professionalism
  • creativity
  • team spirit / collegiality