General council

The composition and functioning of the General Council and Permanent Committee are determined by the Centexbel Statutes.

The General Council is composed of :

  • members nominated by the General Assembly of the Federation of the Belgian Textile industry, Fedustria, with observance of the equal repartition of the different textile branches
  • 1 member nominated by the Union of Belgian Enterprises, who is by right the vice-chairman
  • 6 members nominated by the most representative Trade unions of the industrial branch
  • personalities of high scientific or technical status in industry, economy or law

The members' mandates are granted for a period of three years. Resigning members may be re-elected. The General Council elects a chairman within or outside its circle, who is nominated: chairman of the Centre.

Centexbel is administrated by the Permanent Committee composed of:

  1. the chairman and vice-chairman of the General Council who assume the same function within the Permanent Committee
  2. members elected by the General Council

The members' mandates are granted for a period of maximum three years. The expiry date of a mandate as member of the Permanent Committee coincides with the one as member of the General Council.

Compositon of the General Council and the Permanent Committee 2016