1. Testing

Many companies appeal to the accredited Centexbel laboratories on a regular basis to perform tests for quality control purposes, to check conformity with legal regulations (fire standards, EC-conformity…), in the event of disputes between suppliers and customers or to analyse and improve the properties of new products.

There are several very convincing additional reasons to choose for the CENTEXBEL testing labs:

  • professional consultancy and advice
  • thorough knowledge and follow-up of international standards
  • nearly complete testing offer with several tests unique in Europe !
  • continuous updating and extension of testing equipment, methods and pilot platforms
  • accredited tests involving rigorous audits of our laboratories each year
  • market conform conditions

2. Certification of products and processes

Product labels are becoming increasingly important. On the one hand labels are applied on a voluntary basis, on the other, they are part of the commercial agreement between the producer and the customer, and finally, some labels are mandatory.
CENTEXBEL is recognized as a testing and certification laboratory and is therefore your best choice for the testing and certification of your products and processes.
  • mandatory certification for the CE-marking of personal protective equipment, construction products (floor covering), burning behaviour of interior materials in touring cars, toys …
  • voluntary product certification, such as Oeko-Tex®100 & STeP by Oeko-Tex®, made in Green®, GuT

3. Research & Development

Research and development are the very basis of the growth and reinforcement of the western textile industry.

In order to counteract the many cutting attacks from low wage countries with less strict labour conditions, our companies have to outsmart them with high-tech, (multi) functional and superior products. As one of the major European research institutes, CENTEXBEL involves the Belgian textile industry in different types of collective research projects on a regional, federal and European level. In collaboration with an increasing number of individual companies we perform (usually subsidised) private research projects on novel products or processes for immediate implementation.
CENTEXBEL offers to you the expertise of its highly skilled and specialised research team. Moreover, CENTEXBEL has put in place an international and cross-sectorial network including several European and "overseas" research institutes, universities and specialty suppliers and consumer organisations.

4. Services to the industry

CENTEXBEL is recognized as a service provider by the Flemish (kmo-portefeuille) and the Walloon authorities (centre de recherche agréé) and offers a variety of services to the industry, each with its proper points of interest. Our advisers can boost of a long professional experience and adopt a clear "no-nonsense" mentality.


  • innovation
  • technology
  • intellectual property rights
  • environmental issues and legislation
  • eco-design & sustainability

pilot platforms

Professional guidance and testing facilities for product development and optimisation and for small production runs on our five semi-industrial platforms :

  • knitting
  • coating
  • extrusion
  • textile finishing
  • laundry platform


  • training & information session such as the monthly horizon explorations and breakfast sessions
  • (co)organisation of international symposiums (PPE, carpet, coating, extrusion, sports and textiles...)
  • in-company training
  • publications & website

standards & patents

  • international standardisation: as the sectorial operator of several textile related normalisation committees, CENTEXBEL defends the interests of the Belgian textile industry on a European and international level
  • patent cell


  • quality systems (ISO 9000)
  • environmental systems (ISO 14001 - STeP - HACCP (food quality))
  • safety systems (BS 8800)
  • innovation scans