Project objectives

This project is the outcome of the European Thematic Network called “PLASMATECH” which goal is to share knowledge on plasma technology applied to traditional sectors such as textiles, food packaging and medical devices. This network has been a great opportunity for SMEs to express their needs for integrating this surface modification technology.
ACTECO wants to bring a real breakthrough innovation in the end-users productive system. The end-users defined themselves the objectives and the nature of the work to be conducted. The project is therefore clearly an end-user driven project and responds to their needs.

This proposal addresses clearly the needs of end-users in textiles, food and biomedical applications. It aims is to achieve breakthrough technology in plasma processing of materials to achieve hyper functional surface properties. For this, high-tech SMEs together with universities and research centres will set-up radically new technology which will be further developed with the help of end-users such that it solves problems with which the industry is struggling for many years. It will offer technology leadership in a powerful surface engineering technology with vast, multi-sectoral innovation potential. It will create in the traditional industries a new technology and business environment ideally suited to SMEs where the premium is on innovation, technology breakthrough, speed to market response, high added value and high growth opportunities.

The project aims also at a significant increase in penetration of plasma technology in industry. This complies with the aims of the industry to use environmental friendly and sustainable technology. It intents to replace wet technology characterised by the consumption of large amount of water and solvents, with dry technology.
It is expected that the project will produce significant spill-overs of which also other sectors will significantly profit.

The project comprises 10 work packages, 6 of which are RTD and technology development oriented. The work will be performed by 26 partners.